What are the restrictions on riding attractions

Amusement parks are real-life tales.


The cartoon characters and heroes from our favorite stories are waiting to greet us in the park. This magical atmosphere becomes complete with attractions that help us imagine how it feels like to fly, jump, see everything from above and finally have fun with our favorite characters. 

When tourists search for things to do in Yerevan, they come across the amusement parks. If you are traveling with your family, then you need to find places that will be enjoyable for the whole family, and amusement parks are one of those places. Amusement parks are also considered to be kids birthday party places if you have an upcoming birthday. 

All of us are very excited about amusement parks, but we should also acknowledge that we have to be very careful with attractions, as they can be very dangerous if one violates  the rules. 

For their personal safety as well as the safety of others, each visitor is  accountable for riding appropriately. Before the ride may start, those who are acting unwilling to ride must remain composed and signal their acceptance to the operator. The majority of attractions require  visitors to sit straight, either with or without support from the operator. All passengers will be in a safe riding position thanks to this.

Park rides and attractions consume a lot of energy. The primary focus should be the health and safety of the visitors, so parks should reserve the right to deny entry to any ride if they believe there may be a threat to a specific person for any reason. The health and safety executive has informed that refusal based on health and safety does not amount to discrimination.  


Safety Tips 


Know the dangers of the water - If you can't swim well, be cautious when walking near the  pools or going down water slides. Before entering a park, visitors should be aware of additional safety risks.

Follow park regulations - The regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all visitors. Read all posted information and any rules provided by park staff, and follow them.

Be prepared by bringing an amusement park automobile kit with you when visiting an amusement park for the day. By doing this, you will be ready for any illnesses or accidents. Bandages, bug spray, and food are common inclusions in kits. In case of any unanticipated emergency, it's also a good idea to find the park's first aid station when you arrive.

Keep an eye out for forbidden areas - Visitors to amusement parks run the risk of getting hurt if they go into backstage areas, construction zones, or other restricted areas. It's best to stay in areas where visitors are allowed, in order to keep as safe as possible.

Protecting yourself from high temperatures is vital since prolonged exposure to the sun and intense heat can lead to dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and for additional protection, wear sunscreen.

Visiting an amusement park in a group is the safest course of action. In an emergency, someone you know will be there to call for assistance and stay with you until you recover fully.

Plan ahead because emergencies and accidents are never anticipated. Always prepare an emergency plan before taking a large group to a park. Set meeting time and location in case you become separated. Additionally, be sure to let park staff know if something unexpected occurs.

Following all these rules and regulations, you will have fun in the amusement park, the most interesting entertainment in Armenia. Except for amusement parks, if you take city travel Armenia you will find interesting sights and delicious food everywhere. 

Armenia is very old, but at the same time is a very modern country. It has all the great places that came from ancient times and also Armenians never stop building new and entertaining places as well. Yerevan Park is one of the newest entertainment places in Yerevan. Whoever goes there the first time, gets obsessed with it and buys the second ticket right away. 

Mostly in Yerevan, you can find many restaurants, that’s why never doubt to take city travel Yerevan and have fun. 


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