Yerevan Park

Welcome to Yerevan Park, the world of joy and adventures. Create memories and experience enchanting moments with your friends and family. But wait, be ready to scream loud and have fun.


The main axis of activities of Park Group LLC is the beloved Yerevan Park, and therefore it is a well-known fact that they are identical. The company consistently makes the conditions for its guests as high as possible, and also complies with legal standards, including registering the Yerevan Park trademark under the name of Park Group LLC, which is common in international practice.

Yerevan Park is a family company which was founded by Garegin Nushikyan. Mr Nushikyan has always searched to bring things that were present around the world, but missing in Armenia. This time his vision landed on opening the first theme park in Armenia; opening a large-scale theme park would bring smiles and colours into the lives of people, especially children. Moreover, it will make Yerevan a more exciting destination for foreigners, therefore boosting tourism. The project, which was launched in 2017, aimed to bring top-quality attractions with the highest safety standards. Mr. Nushikyan planned to get the right balance between kiddie, family and thrilling attractions. It was his idea to have a few spectacular, key attractions that would fascinate the public (roller coasters, ferris wheel, etc) and build other rides around them for a more complete experience. Furthermore, the vision has always been to create a green belt with many trees, therefore making it one of the biggest parks in Yerevan. In terms of characters & story, the goal was to create characters with a unique storyline and something that locals could be proud of and consider "theirs."

meet our heroes


Yan is a citizen of Emoria; he is also Ana‘s childhood friend. He is brave, adventurous, kind & clever. He is nimble, he likes to climb trees and always offers new additions to the games and makes them even more interesting. His dream is to build a place which will bring people of Emoria a lot of happiness and unity. Yan secretly likes Ana, he considers his mission to protect her and Emoria at all costs.


Ana is the princess of Emoria. She is joyful, kind and witty. Ana likes to walk around Emoria and spend time with the people of her kingdom, especially children. Since Ana was little, she has liked to play active games. She is full of courage when her kingdom is at danger – but deep inside she prefers to be gentle and affectionate. Ana has always been a very caring and loyal friend for Yan.


Zor is the guardian of braveness. He is fearless and powerful - he likes challenging games. He teaches kids how to confront their fears and come out of their comfort zones to discover new things. There is a myth that Zor comes from the mountains high above Emoria – which is why his body is made up of crystals. A separate myth claims that his crystals are edible rock candy – something that Yan has often tried to find out by biting his arm. This still remains a mystery.


Pinchu is the guardian of curiosity – she questions everything and anything. Her favourite activity is to solve tricky puzzles and learn about new things. She teaches children to pay attention to detail and to study about the world around them. You can often hear her say “the world is a truly limitless place – there is always so much to learn and discover!”. Even though she is a very smart and informed individual, Pinchu is never arrogant about knowing more than others - she takes time to carefully explain things to others.


Noonj is the guardian of calmness. He is very sweet, caring and wise. He is soft and squishy like marshmallow. Noonj teaches kids not to panic in situations and calmly think about all options before making a decision. Kids love speaking to him – he is a great listener and he always guides them to find the best solution for themselves. Noonj enjoys watching sunsets and having picnics in the nature.


Looys is the guardian of joy. She is very sweet and active; she jumps and laughs a lot. Looys loves to organize lively games and tell funny stories to better everyone’s mood. Looys is a ray of sunlight – it’s impossible to be sad when you hear her contagious laughter. One of her favourite activities is collecting kids’ laughter in her small bottle – this gives her positivity extra energy. She believes that anything – good or bad – ultimately has a positive outcome.


To help families and thrill-seekers create lasting memories through seamless amusement and enchanting storytelling in a safe and hospitable environment.


To be the region’s most-visited entertainment hub for all ages, while building pristine-like green environment and positively contributing to the progress of Armenia.

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