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  • Yerevan Park is located at
    31 Monte Melkonyan str.

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Park visitors can park in
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for free.
by plane
  • Pick a taxi or bus at the
    entrance of arrivals hall.

Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) is 11km away:

From Zvartnots International Airport (EVN) follow Admiral Isakov until Monte Melkonian bridge – Turn right and follow Monte Melkonian ave. and continue - before Kievyan tunnel, make a U-turn to the park.


  • 1.
    | How can I book my visit to Yerevan Park?

    You can buy tickets from cash desk located at the park entrance or book online with discount via

  • 2.
    | What are the working hours of the park?

    From Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 10 pm.
    On weekends and holidays, from 12 PM to 10 PM.

  • 3.
    | Does the park work during winter season?

    Sure! In addition to most of the attractions, which also work in winter, there is also a big ice rink that you can enjoy unlimitedly!

  • 4.
    | How do I book group visits?

    We have special rates for corporate and school groups. You can visit to and find more information about them or send your inquiries to or call +374- 99-88-19-88

  • 5.
    | Do I have to buy a ticket, if I am not going on rides?

    To enter Yerevan Park you must have a daily ticket. Besides attractions, you can find a delicious food court, a unique restaurant, participate in various shows, watch the theatre about the park fairy-tale, get acquainted with the history of the park and characters.

  • 6.
    | Is food also included in the price of the ticket?

    We have a big food court with many delicious dishes, mainly fast food: pizzas, burgers, etc.

  • 7.
    | What's included in Magic Box?

    Yaaay! Yerevan Park's Magic Box brings with it a magical opportunity to meet Emoria's heroes at your HOME. When ordering a Magic Box, you will have the opportunity to book a visit of the heroes and delivery right to your house.

    Can you imagine the happiness of your little ones?

    And what does the Magic Box include?

    2 gift tickets to Yerevan Park

    Thermos mug from Nunj 

    A "mighty" badge from Zor

    Luys "Sunny" notebook

    Pinchu's Sweets!

    Magic box delivery conditions are as follows:

    1. The delivery is carried out by our 4 heroes, who provide 15-20 minutes of active entertainment for children presenting them the magix box. The summer fee for this service is AMD 60,000.

    2. If you want to buy only Magic box, then we will pay delivery (37.000 drams for Magic box).

    3. You can also come to our store and get the gift on the spot.

    For more detailed information, you can call us, our staff will gladly answer your questions.

    Hurry up and call 033-88-27-88 to give your loved ones a real fairy tale.

  • 8.
    | Is the ticket free if it's your birthday?

    Birthday boy/girl should also pay 12,000 AMD for the ticket. Yerevan Park heroes can participate in the cake ceremony and congratulate Bday boy/girl.


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Ride Policies

Because here, at Yerevan Park, we want to ensure that everyone is safe therefore, please carefully read all the ride policies before riding an attraction. Failure to follow the policies will result to the leaving of the park.

Yerevan Park entrance rules

  • All guests, bags, backpacks, packages may be searched before entering the park.

  • Yerevan Park has the right to use on promotional purposes any photo or video materials taken within the territory of the park.

  • When guests return to the park, they must re-enter with a proper hand stamp, which is provided at the info desk on the way out of the park.

  • No animals are allowed to enter Yerevan Park premises. The only exception is legally defined service dogs with proper documentation.

  • All guests above 14 years old can enter the park without adult supervision. Guests between the years of 14-16 will be required to present valid identification (passport, id).

  • Guests below 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult who is 16 years old or above.

  • Entrance to Yerevan Park is allowed only through proper attire; clothing with offensive language and graphics is not permitted.

  • We recommend keeping your valuable belongings at home, in your car, or the Yerevan Park cloakroom.

The following items may not be brought into the park:

  • Firearms, ammunition, and other types of weapons,

  • Cutting objects like knives, scissors, etc,

  • Food from outside (the only exceptions are food for infants, allergies, or as prescribed by a doctor, birthday cakes),

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,

  • Drugs and illegal substances,

  • Fireworks or other explosive and/or flammable objects, smoke machines, or fog machines,

  • Recreational devices such as drones, remote-control toys,

  • Skateboards, scooters, bicycles.

Ride rules

  • Before entering the ride please familiarize yourself with ride rules that are presented on information boards at the entrance of each ride.

  • We recommend all guests to watch the ride one time before entering it, to understand the dynamics of it, and be confident that they can handle it.

  • We recommend all guests follow the instructions of operators for safety purposes.

  • Each attraction at Yerevan Park has its height limitations; having a ticket does not entitle the guest to ride all attractions.

  • Some rides are unavailable for pregnant women because of health reasons.

  • Electronic devices including mobile phones and cameras are not permitted on certain rides.

  • Personal items (including bags, keys, change, etc) are not permitted on certain rides. They can be stored in zipped pockets or pouches if deemed secure by the operators.

  • Guests carry full responsibility if their electronic device or personal item falls from the ride and hurts another guest or damages any property.

  • After the attraction stops, the guest has to come out of the ride area, queue once again, and get on the ride, unless allowed to ride again by the operator in case of few guests in the queue.

  • If any item falls off the ride, the guests should not try to retrieve it themselves, but immediately ask a member of staff for assistance.

  • When queueing for a ride, guests are not permitted to line jump or save a place for another guest. In case of such action, the operator reserves the right not to allow the guests to the ride. Persisting line jumping may be cause for removal from the park without a refund.

  • Yerevan Park is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. We urge our guests to be attentive with their items and leave them at home, in the car, or at the Yerevan Park cloakroom for the safety and comfort of their visit.

General rules & policies

  • Smoking (including e-cigarettes, vaporizers) is only allowed in the outdoor areas. We urge our guests to be considerate to other guests and the family-friendly environment at Yerevan Park.

  • Yerevan Park has the right to use on promotional purposes any photo or video materials taken within the territory of the park.

  • All guests must behave in a family-friendly, respectful, and courteous manner, and in a manner that is safe for themselves and others. This includes no fighting, verbal arguments, shouting, and other inconsiderate behavior. Failure to do this may result in ejection from the park without refund or any compensation.

  • In certain weather situations (including high winds, storms, etc) Yerevan Park may temporarily shut down some of the outdoor rides until the weather is stable again. Please note that Yerevan Park does not offer any refund or compensation as a result of unstable weather.

  • Yerevan Park can accommodate guests with disabilities. It is best to contact the Park before the visit for us to better prepare for your arrival.

  • Yerevan Park offers special areas for those breastfeeding mothers that wish to have some privacy.

  • Guests are not allowed in certain areas of the park (including offices, technical rooms, green areas, the main lake, the koi pond, backstage, etc). Please be attentive to the signs around the park for such areas.

  • The sale of goods or services or the display of goods or services inside Yerevan Park without prior written approval is not allowed.

  • The distribution of printed or recorded materials of any kind inside Yerevan Park without prior written approval is not allowed.

  • It is not allowed to use the park areas or rides for commercial purposes without prior written approval.


Magic offers happen online.
Sign-up and get special offers
If there is а long queue for an attraction you want to ride, try another one until it gets lighter.
Ride with your child if the minimum height requirement is not met by the child. You both will enjoy the ride.
During the season when outdoor area is open, always check the weather if you plan to enjoy outside rides.


We create moments and memories for people through enchanting stories, attractions, breathtaking nature and shows. One of the integral parts of that are the employees of Yerevan Park.

They are the ones who make the experience complete with their smile and warm welcome. Why don’t contribute to the creation of such moments?

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