How safe are attraction rides

The first visit to the amusement park and the first experience on rides are essential in each child’s life, as the first feeling the child embraces stays throughout their whole life. 

Parents should arrange this meeting as well as possible. If everything goes well,  this will lead to regular visits to the attractions park and happy and tired children.

We relate attractions and amusement parks to children but it is not a secret that attractions are also enjoyed by adults. They definitely were made for kids, but it turned out that adults have as much fun as children. So, the visit to amusement parks can be a great place for family and friends gatherings. You can bond more when you are happy, and the amusement park is the right place for happiness. 

But there is one “but”, parents heard so many awkward stories about amusement park disasters, that they are having second thoughts when going there. Parents start worrying about their children’s safety. 

Probably, at least once in a lifetime you have seen old rides in amusement parks, I am sure you have seen or even you have been in the old Yerevan attractions, and the first thought that comes to your mind is that “it is horrifying”, and actually it is. If they are not maintained regularly they can be as dangerous as attractions that are out of order. There were many incidents when people couldn’t get off the attractions because they were it was broken. That’s why it is crucial to carry out daily, weekly and monthly checks of different parts of the attraction to maintain it in a good shape maintain the attractions from time to time and check them every day. 

Thus, visiting recently opened amusement parks with new attractions is a much more safer option. It is a better idea to go to the amusement parks that are new so they have newer attractions. They are made with a more modern approach, with modern equipment and more skillful professionals. 


How is the safety of the attractions checked? 

Before going to the amusement parks we ask ourselves when was the last time that the attractions were checked. According to the safety rules and regulations, attractions should be checked In the best attractions park attractions are checked every day, early in the morning before opening the park, and the best parks properly follow these rules. 

The technical teamThe checking process is really simple as the system administrator just turns on the attractions and measures their performance,  after he takes records and then he decides if theis or that attraction is safe to operate that daygoing to perform today or if it needs undergo more maintenanceto be repairedsome maintenance. 

If this or that attraction has some issues, then they put up some posters saying it is out of order. 

Journalists like thrilling stories and when ansome unfortunate accident incident happens, they hurry to tell the world about it, and the accidentsincidents of the attractions are one of the most rapidly spreading best ones. That’s why we think that accidents in attractions happen that much but in reality attractions are considered to be very safe and durable structures. It is more likelypossible that one may you can get killed by the sharks than by the attractions. So, it is better to follow the statistical data data than thrilling stories. 

Modern attractions have their safety  instructions with rules and regulationsprogram. For instanceexample, in case of an electricity shutdown, in the case of the absence of electricity the mechanical start will turn onoperate and get the ride to its initial position. Modern technology and skillful professionals took care of everything that can happen to the attractions and now local attractions are safe to use, if they are properly maintained. 

The other interesting question about the attractions is whetherif they have an expiration date, or. Or in other words, if the attractions can be considered old. European manufacturers give 30-4010 years to every attraction but we shouldn’t accept this as a law. There are attractions all over the world that are 70 or 100 years old and they still operate are considered to be the best ones. 

Old attractions that are operating well enough have been repaired maintained many times, so if you take care of the attractions they can live longer. This means some components are being replaced with new and, better ones and they are being checked regularly. 

Another pivotal aspect The other crucial thing that you should pay attention to is the safety measures and limitations. Kids don’t pay attention to them as they are really excited and they rush to ride want to try every attraction, but adults should pay attention to the limitations, such as height restrictions, in order to save lives. 

Before getting on rides attractions carefully read the limitations, if you have any health problems try not to take a risk. 

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