Yerevan Park beyond the camera: How to Get Some Cool Photos


If you want to capture the colourful and vibrant atmosphere of an amusement theme park, such as Yerevan Park, it does offer many photographic opportunities!

With the constant movement of attractions, enthusiastic crowds, and bright lighting, there are endless options to create the coolest photos!

In this article we’ll give you some unique and helpful theme park photo ideas and tips to help you capture the perfect moments, so if you’re ready to level up your skills, then let’s dive right in!



Shooting during the “blue hour”, right before nightfall, may cause some really magical effects. During this time, the sky has got a rich blue color that serves as an ideal background for the bright lights and rides of the park.

To make the most of blue hour, you’d better arrive at the park before the scheduled time. This will give you extra time to take note of what catches your eye and try to imagine the shots you want to take. Planning your compositions in advance will save you time and ensure that you get the shots you’re after; remember that blur hour, while gorgeous, won’t last long!

In addition, since the light changes quickly during the twilights, it is important to keep an eye on your camera settings. Just make some test shots to figure out the right adjustments. Never avoid experimenting since theme park photography is a great chance to play with your imagination and level up your creativity!



At any amusement park you will see many photographers who are also searching some fantastic shots. You are surely not competing with them but it does feel good when you make some unique photography. Never stick on just one place, try to take shots from different angles for an ideal composition. 



While taking theme park photos, you need to think what could be fixed beside the attractions and the surroundings. There is another thing much more interesting at a theme park - the crowd of that park. You will definitely see many kinds of people out there. Many want to have photos with heroes. Make them part of your special photos but be careful while shooting random people. Some don’t feel like being photographed. So you’d better take permission from them first.

Very good photos of guests are shot especially during birthday parties. By the way, in Yerevan Park you can hire a special birthday photographer.


Theme parks have many rides which will constantly keep on moving. Why not take photos of moving rides? It would be cool to show the rides moving. Or, for example, children getting off the trampoline in the playground. Although you will need a proper camera setting to do so. Keep clicking some constant photos of the attraction. Then you might get a motion pic out of your theme park photography. If you know how to make an ordinary photo look like it is moving by just editing, then you can add moving elements even later.



Theme parks are full of different colors, but sometimes the resulting photos can feel a bit too much. Then, why not try an old school black & white variant? This easy thing can convey your shots a totally different vibe.

In order to figure out whether your picture is a good one for black and white, look for areas with a deep contrast between dark & light. This will help your shot avoid looking dull and boring. Also, remember that composition is key when it comes to black-and-white photography; make sure your subject is both interesting and well-placed in the frame.


Taking some amazing theme park shots can be a fascinating adventure for both a professional photographer and an amateur. Starting from the colorful lights and colors to the excited crowds, there are dozens of options to get the most unique photos.

Just not forget to plan in advance, get in time, and take your time to find out the best destinations. 

And last but not least, just not forget to have fun! A lot of fun! Photography is all about capturing the moment and magic of the world, and theme parks make the perfect background for that. 

Yerevan Park is looking forward to meeting you and providing some amazing photo experience!


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