What food to take to the Amusement Park

There is a happy sentence in almost every house, but mostly it appears to be“Today we are going to the Amusement Park!”.

It is an absolute dream come true for children and in some cases for parents as well. Spending time in the Amusement Park is the best way to strengthen family bonds. 
Children meet their favorite characters there, whom they had previously seen in cartoons and learned about them only from fairy tales. Amusement parks are so loved by children that parents motivate homework or eat healthy by “bribing” them with amusement parks. Going to an amusement park or children's entertainment center usually lasts from a few hours to a whole day, so it is important to be armed with food supplies.

Different amusement parks have different rules  some amusement parks do not allow visitors to bring their food with them, some parks simply do not have restaurants, and there are only cafes and food court where you can find fast food, pizzas, burgers, pastas, coffee, tea, or ice cream

In amusement parks, it is important to have water at hand all the time, as being under direct sunlight can dehydrate the body, which in turn will lead to weakness and make spending time in the amusement park unbearable.

Fruit, cookies, sandwiches, and other snacks are great ideas for amusement parks. To satisfy hunger and not spend too much time eating at the same time, fruits are the best option.

When choosing to bring food, keep in mind that too sweet or too salty food is not a good idea for amusement parks, as such food requires a lot of water, which in turn means standing long queues for the restroom.

Protein-rich Food rich is the best option, as it will keep children full for a long time and provide them with energy.

Taking wet or dry wipes is also a good idea as it helps parents avoid long queues at the bathroom to wash their children's faces and hands.


What to eat at the Amusement Park?


Many amusement parks have their own cafes, food courts, and restaurants and you don’t have to bring snacks with you. If you are a tourist and you took city travel Yerevan then consider visiting Yerevan Park too. Yerevan Park, which is considered a multifunctional entertainment center in Yerevan, offers its visitors a restaurant and a food court that offer a large variety of lunch options. 

Yerevan Park offers a menu for both children and adults.

As a snack, Yerevan Park offers a variety of vegetables and cheese, olives, etc.

If you're not too hungry, you can enjoy a variety of salads. For the main course, you can take a pizza, burgers, pasta, barbecue, and other hot dishes, which will be accompanied by delicious sauces.

Yerevan Park also offers its visitors desserts and a large selection of coffees, teas, and juices.

So, don't worry when you feel hungry, Yerevan Park does not allow its guests to stay hungry. 

Spending time at an amusement park and then having lunch with family or friends will put you in a better mood and give you time to bond with your loved ones. It is one of the reasons that Yerevan Park is considered to be the best family entertainment center in Erevan. The time spent here is a great way for the family to bond more closely and get to know and understand children better.
Yerevan Park is also a great place to celebrate a birthday party, it's hard to find a happier place. Apart from the restaurant, Yerevan park offers 4 separate halls for birthday celebrations, as well as additional services such as birthday photographer, animator, magician,, bubble show, clown, and much more.


Children need to believe that dreams do come true,  in order to be motivated to work towards their dreams and goals at an older age. Yerevan Park makes children believe in miracles. 


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