Top attractions for adrenaline lovers in Yerevan Park


Imagine yourself listening to the radio while driving down a country road, the wind rushing through, when suddenly a moose appears on  the road. You swerve to miss it and slam on your brakes before you realize what is happening. Your heart is beating rapidly, your legs are trembling, and you're perspiring.

How did your body change from being at ease in the driver's seat to being in full fight-or-flight mode in just a few seconds? It is all because of the adrenaline.

Your body produces adrenaline in response to stress or a threat, which primes your sympathetic nervous system for action. When under peril, adrenaline is an incredible thing to have running through your body—people have been known to lift vehicles off of children and run faster than they ever had because of it. It has a number of other effects that raise your body's alertness and increase its ability to fend off attackers or escape a flood, including increasing the blood supply to muscles and releasing sugar into your bloodstream.


How does adrenaline function, and what is it?


Extreme adrenaline junkies, or roller coaster tycoons, are familiar with the rush that comes from roller coasters, risky feats, extreme sports, and insane adventures. They enjoy the feeling of wind in their hair and the anticipation of taking the plunge. However, the majority of us experience tension, anxiety, and fear. Adrenaline may be to blame for our occasional nausea or stomach aches. When under stress, the adrenal glands release a hormone called adrenaline, sometimes known medically as epinephrine. This hormone gets your body ready for the well-known fight-or-flight reaction.

According to medical terminology, the sympathetic nervous system is activated during the flight. Due to increased blood flow, respiration, and glucose metabolism to feed your muscles, the sympathetic nervous system also creates a flushed face and the well-known adrenaline rush. The active, unsettled stomach that follows the death-defying ride results from your body shutting down all digestion during the fight. Why do people enjoy this sensation, then? 

You enjoy the surge and slight perk in your step, of course. Your body naturally produces a lot of energy, which cause a burst of enthusiasm. If you experience vertigo or are particularly susceptible to motion sickness, any abrupt change in direction can cause your inner ear to generate false "balance signals," which will make you feel nauseous throughout the journey. Unfortunately, it becomes worse with age, and your probability of getting vertigo increases as your inner ear changes. Therefore, all you young adrenaline addicts out there, have fun because you might not have the same enjoyable experience once you exit the ride in the future.


Adrenaline-boosting Yerevan Park attractions


There are many adrenaline lovers out there who really want to experience something better than the last time. Some people prefer something frightening or something exciting, that’s why Yerevan Park has many thrill attraction visitors. This is the best entertainment in Armenia.

And this adrenaline-boosting attraction is called Boomerang. 

Boomerang will carry you to the sky you will be near the sky and stars, but your travel soon will be aborted as you should touch the earth to rise again. 

This coaster, which can be found in Looys' Zone, is made so that both kids and adults can enjoy it, it’s a good idea for kids to take it with their parents to be more protected and less frightened. This fun for the whole family ride mixes acceleration, a sharp landing, and backward motion.

At this attraction, you will experience joy, happiness, and a lot of adrenaline rush. 

Santa Maria is the next beast. This swinging ship will take you to the world of fantasies, you will feel like pirates that just sailed for a long and exciting adventure. 

The next one is the Yan Coaster. Breathtaking, thrilling, exciting, these and all the other adjectives describing adrenaline rush will be experienced by you. This is the largest indoor ride of Yerevan Park, "Family Coaster," which is again fun for both kids and adults. 

The coaster will lift you into the air before accelerating its descent.

From the beginning to the end, sweeping bends, cool air, and accelerations will keep a gorgeous smile on your face.

Yerevan Park is the best place for fun and an adrenaline rush, if you are new to Armenia then take city travel Armenia and start your list of sightseeing from Yerevan Park. 


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