Celebrate your birthday with us

Birthday is the most special event of our life. Almost everybody loves birthday parties. This day is special as you get presents, you are the center of attention and you feel loved. Everybody is trying to make you happy, while you try to make everybody’s celebration venue comfortable. 

The only small inconvenience in every birthday party is the planning. It makes you irritated as you try to do your best to make your guests comfortable and every small obstacle on your way can make you angry. Anyway, you do everything to provide a good time for your friends and family. 

Sometimes your friends and family make a surprise birthday party. Which is, of course, very pleasant, but most of the time it’s you who throws a party. So, if it is your birthday, then you should start planning at least one week in advance. 

Birthday party places are a lot but you should find the one which will meet your requirements. First of all, You should calculate the number of your guests, so you will know everybody will feel comfortable. Then look for unique birthday party places, not just ordinary cafes or restaurants. 

Some people like to do thematic birthday parties and some just want a simple and common birthday, so, which type are you? 

Places to throw a birthday party 

It's not always simple to decide where to throw a birthday party. The number of guests, the time of the year, the weather, the activities, and any limitations imposed by the venue must all be taken into account.

It is really boring to go to restaurants or cafes as, probably, you have been there more than once. Try to think of a place where people will not only eat a cake but can dance, enjoy other activities, meet cartoon characters, and so on. 

Amusement/theme park, here is the answer. Fans of theme parks feel quite special every time they visit one. If you include someone's birthday, you almost certainly will create a lasting memory.  I can guarantee that your guests will definitely have fun. There are many attractions that will make them feel adventurous and there is also good food and fun games. Not mentioning their favorite characters. Characters will come by and greet you, then they will dance and have fun with you and you will feel as if you are in a cartoon. 

All the personnel will treat you as if you are a king or queen knowing that it’s your birthday which will make your day more special. You can also buy a cake with your favorite characters or with cute quotes. Cakes are a very important attribute of every birthday party, that’s why you should make them very beautiful.

If you are in Armenia then you should consider celebrating your birthday in Yerevan Park. Here you can find the best cuisine and beautiful and colorful halls for birthday parties. I can assure you that your party will be memorable.

Yerevan Park offers the services of Birthday photoshoots and animators, as well as extra services such as face art, magicians, bubbles, and clowns. 

Your birthday will be unforgettable with the magic atmosphere in Yerevan Park. 

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