Attractions that can be enjoyed in winter

The first impression you usually have when hearing about amusement parks are attractions, ice cream, the sun, and many kids.

But it doesn’t mean you have to go to amusement parks only in summer. Amusement parks should be full of people all year long, as they are the funniest places ever. In amusement parks, you can find many attractions to e enjoy even  in winter. 

Yerevan Park offers an ice rink and a wide range of indoor and outdoor attractions that provide fun and joy for a whole day. 

If you search “kids attractions near me” you will definitely come across find Yerevan Park . 

While some parks close for the winter season as the temperature drops, others follow the lead of Christmas markets and festivals held across the nation and decorate their rides for the season.

Winter amusement parks frequently alter their aesthetics to reflect the season. As visitors appreciate these locations, several converts into winter wonderlands and provide theme experiences. Winter holiday planning requires some planning and study. 

If you are planning to visit Armenia in winter, then you should consider having some fun in Yerevan attractions. Yerevan can suggest a bunch of activities: sightseeing, Christmas markets,, etc. The most important thing in Armenia attractions are places for children. Armenian people love kids and they do everything to make their rest and activities interesting and unique. So, if you are traveling with your kids, then Armenia is the best place. 
Now, let’s see what kind of attractions you can find in winter. 


Ice Skating 

The best winter activity that is loved by everybody is ice skating. Ice skating is not only fun but also healthy and good for your body.

Almost every muscle in the body is used while ice skating. You must maintain balance by using your ankles as a base, your leg muscles as a glide, your arms and shoulders as a base, and your core and back as a support system. It, therefore, involves each body part. Your muscles will be toned by this activity.

Balance development is ice skating's main advantage. Though technically any type of skating can aid in the development of balance, ice skating frequently outperforms both rollerblading and street skating.

Ice skates are substantially thinner than rollerblades. Additionally, the uneven surface itself helps with balance. An ice rink, on the other hand, is far slicker.

You must maintain control of your body because of the thin ice blades and the slick surface. Your head, neck, shoulders, arms, core, and legs must all operate together as a single, well-balanced unit.

If you are already in Yerevan, just search “tourist attractions near me” or “attractions near me” and believe that Yerevan Park ice skating will catch your attention first. Go and have fun there with your family and friends. 


Indoor Playground 

Another great thing that you can do in amusement parks in winter is a playground. All kids, as well as adults definitely love playgrounds 

For children, playing is incredibly important. Despite the fact that they could play in a typical kids' playground, these indoor playgrounds do have some restrictions. What if it is the wet season, for instance? The only better option is an indoor playground. Your children don't need to play in outside playgrounds since they can enjoy the indoor playground as they are more comfortable.

Yerevan Park offers unlimited fun for the indoor 2-storey playground. Your kids can have fun playing on the trampoline, rainbow roller, boxing trampoline, cannons, labyrinth, and many more. 


Winter Attractions

Yerevan park offers not only outdoor attractions, but also 10  indoor attractions and a huge playground. . Indoor zone is warm and comfy. 

There are many great attractions inside but let’s talk about some of them. 

Samba Tower is many children’s and adults’ favorite one. 

Who wouldn't like to turn and float around on a bright balloon while viewing the indoor zone of the  park from above? You can ascend this dazzling tower for the ideal vantage point of the park.

You can enjoy the ride with your whole family (up to four members).

Rush and Crush. Driving is frightening but here all your fears will vanish. You will have fun and find out what kind of driver you are. Bumping cars are another kind of fun activity. You're about to try something new, so buckle up and take the wheel.


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