Attractions of Yerevan Park

The best memories are associated with childhood, and we know the reason

Childhood is the only time when you don't work orstudy; your only “job” is to have fun - and where can you have more fun, than in the amusement park?  

Summer, ice cream, carousels - these memories stay with us forever. The best and most delicious memories accompany us throughout our lives.

Yerevan Park is also a memory-making factory that you can find when you are searching for entertainment for children. Yerevan Park offers the best attractions to both children and  adults who could not use such attractions when they were younger. It's never too late to be a kid and to enjoy the fun of attractions.

Seeing the modern attractions, a question arises- how did the evolution of attractions and carousels take place, and how did they develop so quickly? Carousels have been around since 1799, but at first, they were only in Massachusetts, USA, then they spread all over the world and captured the hearts of all children.

It is important to note, however, that the first carousels were wooden carousels Since the children could not use the carousels alone, seats for children and a parent were prepared so that the children could use the carousels accompanied by their parents.

Interestingly, during the new development of carousels, doctors advised their patients to use them, explaining that they are useful for blood circulation.

Now let's go back to the 21st century, where attractions develop along with the development of technology. Every new invention, a new idea, is used in the attractions to make them better.

Yerevan Park also does not lag behind the development of attractions and presents powerful and fun attractions.

Attractions in Yerevan Park


There are currently 23 attractions in Yerevan Park; all of them are competing with each other to be the most desired attraction in the park

Attractions in Yerevan Park are divided into categories: family, thrill, and children.Family attractions, as the name suggests, are a great for the family to bond and create memories.

Family attractions include:

Samba Tower - this attraction consists of multicoloured balloons, and if you have always dreamed of flying in a balloon, this will be your first safe experience. Four family members can use this attraction at the same time.

Rush and Crush is a favorite for all adults and children. Driving a car as fast as you can, even hitting each other and not getting punished or injured, isn't that the best kind of fun?

I'm sure you've read a lot of stories about pirates or watched cartoons, but now it's time to partially live the life of a pirate. Storms, a constantly moving ship, isn't it wonderful to experience the pleasure of sailing without getting wet? Kontiki will ensure your adventure cruise.

Family attractions also include Jumbo Helix, Flying Flowers, Musik Express, Yerevan Wheel, Windstarz, Santa Maria, Wave Swingers, Free Fall, and why not, the playground.Visiting Yerevan Park with the family is happiness and a form of an active family experience.

Yerevan Park also offers rides for thrill-seekers who are looking for a great boost in adrenaline.

Boomerang is one of the famous and popular attractions all over the world, here you have to raise your hands and shout. You can find the best feelings at this attraction.

Noonj Swing is a real daredevil. Not everyone can experience 360-degree turns. If you are looking for new sensations, then this attraction is just for you.

The brave ones can also try Santa Maria, Yan Coaster, Zor Coaster, and Happy Coaster attractions.

Children's attractions are great for smaller children and those who do not enjoy too much adrenaline. For example, Ana Carousel is the favorite of all children. It’s calm, without risks, … just a lot of fun and lights, nothing else!

Angry Planes attraction allows all aspiring pilots to enjoy their first flight, again in a safe environment, even with a family member.

Sky Bikes, Eureka, Jump Around, Pony Trek, and World Trip are great attractions for kids who prefer to have fun peacefully.


It is important to note that in 2023 Yerevan Park will be adding four more attractions for thrill seekers!


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